Meet Isaac Green: The man behind "Anti School"

Isaac Green is a student journalist covering real issues. He is familiar with the media & how it works after studying Film and Design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York from 2015-2017. 

He now studies web development with a specialization in computer programming.

Isaac is also a photographer in his spare time, and his work is displayed at and at @isaacgreenworks on instagram. 

Isaac also owns the clothing brand 'Desirous Clothing Co.' and plans to make 'Anti School' merchandise soon.

Influenced by Alex Jones, he is fueled by his curiosity about the world to report on breaking and important topics. When Isaac got out of public school, he realized that the world had lied to him. Thats the mantra of Anti School, is to educate the people on real world issues, and to take back the meaning of a real education. A true education never stops!

-Anti School

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